Thursday, August 30, 2012

re: what brings magic in your life?

All of us who live in the northern hemisphere get a glimpse of the bright, blue moon tonight. And like the old fifties song, we can draw on all the 'dreams in our hearts' by wishing for a wonderful school year, and a crisp and prosperous fall as summer draws to a close. 

If you're a Harry Potter fan, you might find it interesting to note that Pagans and Wiccans believe the blue moon enhances spells and charms and charges magical tools. The rare blue moon, the second full moon to appear in a calendar month, is an especially magical time, a time for new beginnings.

To all of us who like to gaze at the heavens, the moon can be a source of inspiration and power. Some even believe the moon is a deity. Others believe something else altogether ...

Take the word lunatic, for example. It's derived from the word Luna. Could a person's erratic behavior be a result of the full moon? One of the most famous cases was that of Charles Hyde, of the Dr. Jekyll and Hyde case. Apparently, he committed a series of heinous crimes during the full moon.

On a lighter note, you don't have to be a witch or wizard to have some magic and inspiration in your life.  Here's mine:

Spending time with family: 
My husband and kids always come first. It may sound corny, but I try to be there for them as much as I can. 

Spending time with friends: 
I love to hang out with the girls.  I have lots of different groups of great girlfriends and I  adore spending time with each any every one of them.

Date night:
This is something I've started insisting on after twenty plus years of marriage. It's easy to take each other for granted and let life get in the way. So between the baseball games and dance recitals, it's imperative to spend time out as a couple. Recently, we went to see a play at a local theater.  I also love to hear live music, try new restaurants. and go to the movies. Even ordering food in and curling up on the couch with a movie when the kids are at a friends works too. The act of spending quality time with the person you love can reignite that old flame and deepen the intimacy in a relationship. It's one thing to write about romantic love its an other to live it!

I love spinning, running, yoga, and weight lifting. Anything that gets my blood pumping and causes my muscles to burn.

Learning something new: 
I hate to be complacent. I'm going to a writers workshop in September and a conference in October then another one in March. I also love taking on-line writing classes. I love to read books and articles about staying young and healthy and eat foods and take supplements to support in that  process.
I take about 10 vitamins a day. It keeps my energy up and I rarely ever get sick. Thank you god!

I also eat a lot of super foods; like spinach, flax seeds,(great to fight against breast cancer) sweet potatoes(high in antioxidants), quinoia, wild salmon (rich in omegas ) and Ezekiel bread, kale and blueberries(also great antioxidants)

We traveled to Costa Rica this summer, and I started to drink a kale blueberry smoothie every morning at the hotel. Now I drink one at home before dinner.

For some I may have written a dirty word. Some people hate it, but I do enjoy buying cook books and searching for new recipes. Nothing too gourmet or fancy for the kids, but just healthy meals with fresh ingredients. I'm hoping to use the crock pot a lot this fall and winter and want to start my own herb and veggie garden. More on that later.

Getting out in nature: 
Taking a walk or hike in the park invigorates me to no end. In his book 'Spritiual Fitness' Deepak Chopra suggests that just being around nature, trees, plants and flowers, energizes and enlivens the soul. I truly believe that.

Hanging with my dog:
Buddy is one of the loves of my life. He's great to cuddle with.

I have to get my eyebrows threaded and my arms waxed, a lot. We're hairy in my family. I also get a weekly manicure. Nothing too fancy, just a light coat of polish ignites the girl in me. I love the occasional facial, when my face breaks out. Hey, if it makes you feel better, do it.

Since last August Jake and I have been spending time with some of the wonderful men at Enable. They're such a fun, inspiring,  group and they keep things in perspective  in a big way!

What brings magic in your life? I'd love to know.


  1. I enjoyed your post, Shari! I'd say spending time with my family and my grandsons is the top of my list, too.

    Magic has been a part of my life since I was a child, since my Father was a magician. He was also a hypnotist. He was an intuitive, caring and exceptional human being. He taught me how to see the magic in our daily lives. There is a reason for each encounter. I ran into an old friend yesterday that I hadn't seen in years. She told me she found an old photo of us in her closet the day before, when it fell off the shelf. Then, the next day she happened to run into me. Something to think about, anyway. I usually see something magical in chance encounters.

    Thanks for the cool post:)

  2. Thanks Kathy! So great to hear from you. You're dad sounds like such an interesting guy! A magician how cool! Now I know where you get your dynamic personality :)
    I also beleive the universe puts things in ours paths for a reason! I can't wait to see you in October!!!

  3. Great post, Shari. You inspire me!

    M. Kate Quinn, Author

  4. All we have to do is look outside at the blue sky, beautiful trees, the sun, the clouds, the birds. Magic is everywhere!!!

  5. So true! Stacey! Focus on the every day beauty...